Marketing on Trial was created to keep law professionals informed about the constantly changing landscape of legal marketing as well as introduce the concepts to law professionals who may just be dipping their toe into legal marketing.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

To bring in leads they need to be able to find you. There is nothing more tragic than a person putting in 70-80 weeks with a website that a search engine barely sees because they didn’t know very basic rules to index/rank their website. Google controls 80% of search engine queries. They need to be able to find you. Don’t handicap yourself.

Quality Content

There is no real secret on how to stay relevant in the eyes of Google or the internet itself. Genuine quality content is the only way to stay safe from the constant Google updates and seal the deal with potential leads. You could be the #1 ranked site on Google for Trial Lawyer but if the user sees your rarely updated page originally designed in 1998 then you will likely fail to pull them in.

Social Media

This is not just something your kids use. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts are all very valuable to your Law Firm’s relevancy to Google. Social Media is not “the” new way to communicate. However, it is a very powerful tool for networking and attracting leads to your business. Tools in this sector may rise and fall, but the concept is here to stay long term.

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