Infographic: Cheap SEO(satire)

This infographic is intended for humor, but there is also some truth contained within the illustration.

Never pay for “cheap SEO” that guarantees a certain number of links built for a certain amount of money. Link building is a dynamic process that is usually requires an long term commitment and investment of time. Any successful web marketing firm should have a case study that is at an absolute minimum of 3 months long(1 quarter). Sometimes there can be quick results due to the client not doing anything to optimize their website. Another option that can result in a quick turnaround is the ironically the client already tried “cheap SEO” and removing all the spammy links results in a much healthier looking website. or the the client has tried to do SEO themselves(imagine the first time your spouse tried that fancy dish they saw on Food Network).

If your service provider only emphasizes SEO performance then he’s probably behind the times. “Inbound Marketing” is he new term in the industry. SEO fits under the inbound marketing umbrella but it should not be the main focus of a web marketing campaign. SEO is focused on getting noticed by robots where inbound marketing ties in strategies that are much more focused on the person at the computer. The main focus is on human beings. You the client, and the potential leads who are browsing the web.

Your web marketer’s main goal should not be to have your website rank #1 for certain keywords, it should be to help you bring in leads. If their goals are not oriented towards real people then they are the wrong business to be handling your web marketing needs.

Infspamic by Tecmark

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