Infographic: Social Media in the Legal Sector

Infographic courtesy of Vizibility Inc.

This is a great infographic produced by Vizibility Inc. on Social Media in the Legal Sector. The dynamics of social media in relation to law firms are very interesting to track. I would encourage all readers to look over this 2 or 3 times until they fully understand each graphic.

Some highlights:

  • According to their surveys the smallest firms with 1-5 attorneys have the highest use of social media and also consider social media to be very important to their overall marketing strategy. The smallest firms also have the least amount of red tape in the way of their social media policies. Is this because of the high importance/use they place on social media or just because they’re small?
  • The majority of lawyers still use BlackBerry as their main brand of smartphone, will this continue with the recent troubles experienced by RIM will BlackBerry still be the #1 smartphone if it is used by lawyers at all?