Legal Marketing Association Southeast meeting


The Legal Marketing Association Southeast (LMASE) had distinguished speaker Sally J. Schmidt of Schmidt Marketing Inc. to come and present the benefits of client focused teams within law firms to provide better service to the client.

Sally had a lot to go over in short period of time so there are a lot of notes to go over. Luckily I had a voice recorder and I was able to take decent notes. Ms. Schmidt was very courteous to any questions I had.

The main points of her presentation were:

• How to identify core clients/industries

• Determining client needs, priorities and characteristics

• The continuum of client-focused teams defining the role of the team

• The role of the marketing department and staff (as well as other administrative departments) in developing and supporting these groups

• Coordinating client-focused activities with those of substantive practice groups

• Identifying appropriate marketing and business development activities for the groups

There will be more posts on these topics to come! Stay Tuned!

The Charlotte City Club was spectacular. I can’t think of a more beautiful spot to host a meeting. We were 31 stories up, but a glance out of the window was needed to know that we were still in the city. The club was quiet and tastefully decorated. A delicious lunch sized salad was served by an attentive and professional wait staff. I found myself barely able to keep my concentration on taking notes with my 5 star salad right beneath my nose.

There was an excellent turnout, probably because this was a joint meeting with the Association of Legal Administrators(ALA). I saw probably 4-5 empty seats in the entire room. It was a great chance to meet new people for networking or conversation.

What was best about the LMA is how they provided a place for like minded professionals to meet and relax, yet we also were able to to learn a great deal from one of the best legal marketing professionals in the business. Hats off to Debbie Lawrence, I hope these meetings continue.

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